Biography of Sheriff Jewell Williams

Sheriff Jewell Williams was sworn in to lead the Office of the Sheriff City and County of Philadelphia  on January 2, 2012.   In November, 2015 he was re-elected and was inaugurated for a second four-year term of office on Monday, January 4, 2016.

Before being elected Sheriff Jewell Williams served 11 years as State Representative of the197th Legislative District where he put together a distinguished record of community service and activism that included petitioning the city to provide more affordable housing for the poor, and the creation of the Susquehanna Neighborhood Advisory Council (SNAC) in response to increased violence in parts of the district.

In his first year in office, Sheriff Williams orchestrated a solid working agreement with the City of Philadelphia and the First Judicial District that has made the Office of the Sheriff of Philadelphia more accessible and transparent than anytime in its history.

He has also increased efforts to return money to property owners  whose properties have been sold for more than the outstanding debts, and has held numerous foreclosure prevention seminars and workshops across the city.  His office has holds monthly sessions on How To Purchase a Property at a Sheriff's Sale in both the English and Spanish languages.

Sheriff Williams graduated from the Philadelphia Police Academy in 1986 and joined the Temple University Police Department where he also served as community liaison.

In 1994, he was appointed Chief of Criminal Operations for the Office of the Philadelphia Sheriff where he had a distinguished record of incorporating efficiency and professionalism across the ranks.