DART unit returns more than $17 million to property owners!

In 2018, the Defendants Asset Recovery Team was able to locate property owners who were owed excess funds as a result of Philadelphia Sheriff Sales and return $3,753,918.05. Since 2012, the total amount of funds returned to property owners is $17,332,624.11.

After a property is sold, settled and all liabilities and debts have been paid and recorded, a defendant (the owner of record at the time the court ordered the sale) may recover any excess balance remaining on the account through the Sheriff’s Defendant Asset Recovery Team also known as DART.

A summary of all DART fund activity is summarized below:

$1,164,512.72 2012
$967,994.05 2013
$1,708,970.18 2014
$2,768,301.45 2015
$3,717,720.69 2016
$3,251,206.97 2017
$3,753,918.05 2018

Total 2012-2018: $17,332,624.11  

Inspector Monte Guess heads the DART unit. He credits this success to the team’s ability to be more proactive and to it’s commitment to safeguarding the rights of those who suffer the loss of their homes to a sheriff sale. “ We have taken steps to supply information to homeowners in foreclosure that allows them to track the sale process and more easily identify any potential excess sale funds”, said Guess. Beyond their public service mandate, Guess looks at the work of the unit in a more personal way, aware of the human trauma involved in losing a home. “I would want someone working hard to help my mother if she lost her house to a Sheriff Sale. If people do have excess funds coming, they certainly could use the money at a time when they may be in a difficult situation.”

The DART unit has some good advice for anyone losing a home: Follow your property as it goes to sale; the sale price and the debt on the property is public
information so you have some idea if there are excess funds. If you lost your property at a sheriff sale, contact our office to determine if there are excess funds from the sale. For more information about the DART process, click the “Asset Recovery” listing under the “Sheriff Sales” tab on our website.