Tax Collection Sale: April 15, 2013

Below is a searchable list of properties scheduled for sale on this date.  You can click a particular header to order the list by that column.  You can also search for any piece of information (including writ number, book number, or street address, simply by typing your search term into the box marked "Search".

Download Data accurate as of 4/12/2013.

120940253589 NOTTINGHAM LANE 19114GRB
120940474264 VIOLA STREET 19104GRB
121240191138 S. WILTON ST.GRB
121240271626 WADSWORTH AVE.GRB
121240371539 W. LEHIGH AVE.GRB
12124057652 NORTH 65TH ST.GRB
121240593139 C ST.GRB
121240601947 STENTON AVE.GRB
121240611303 GREEBY ST.GRB
121240625853 N. MARSHALL ST.GRB
121240631250 N. MYRTLEWOOD ST.GRB
121240641252 MYRTLEWOOD ST.GRB
121240666233 N. 21ST ST.GRB
121240672102 ORKNEY ST.GRB
121240686510 WHEELER ST.GRB
121240694531 N. UBER ST.GRB
121240702051 W. TIOGA ST.GRB
121240711132 W. HUNTINDON ST.GRB
12124072703 BELGRADE ST.GRB
121240732843 GAUL ST.GRB
121240742226 S. CROSKEY ST.GRB
121240751113 E. STAFFORD ST.GRB
12124094417 DICKINSON ST.GRB
121240965452 LEBANNON AVE.GRB
121241042600 S. DEWEY ST.GRB
121241086339 NORTH 18TH ST.GRB
121241135729 ERDRICK ST.GRB
12124120944 N. FALLON ST.GRB
130240142241 PIERCE ST.GRB
130240151620 S. MARSTON ST.GRB
130240181445 N. ALDEN ST.GRB
13024024916 N. 48TH ST.GRB
130240492631 W. HAGERT ST.GRB
13044001110 West Byberry Road, Unit J-7GRB
13044002430 Greenwich StreetGRB
130440031431 South Patton StreetGRB
130440041508 South 30th StreetGRB
130440054614 Benner StreetGRB
130440062718 West Oakdale StreetGRB
130440073548 Teton RoadGRB
130440087353 Sackett StreetGRB
130440095448 Walnut Street, Philadelphia, PA 19139GRB
130440105630 Haddington LaneGRB
130440115466 Baltimore AvenueGRB
130440126516 Allman Street, Philadelphia, PA 19142GRB
130440131221 North Alden StreetGRB
13044014809 S 49th StreetGRB
130440153000-3050 Master Street Unit "L" a/k/a 3000 Master Street, Unit LGRB
130440163000-3050 Master Street, Unit "A" a/k/a 3000 Master Street, Unit AGRB
130440175327 North Marvine StreetGRB
130440183000-3050 Master Street, Unit "N" a/k/a 3000 Master Street, Unit NGRB
13044019613 Wynnewood RdGRB
13044020257 East Albanus StreetGRB
130440213422 West Clearfield Street, Philadelphia, PA 19132GRB
13044022272 Montana a/k/a E. Montana StreetGRB
130440232634 E. Birch St.GRB
130440241323 East Hewson Street, Philadelphia, PA 19125GRB
130440252434 Cecil B Moore Avenue, Philadelphia, PA 19121GRB
130440265933 Windsor Avenue, Philadelphia, PA 19143GRB
130440276327 Magnolia Street, Philadelphia, PA 19144GRB
130440281509 W Cumberland Street, Philadelphia, PA 19132GRB
130440292129 Medary Ave., Philadelphia, PA 19138GRB
130440305341 N 15th Street, Philadelphia, PA 19141GRB
130440314283 Frankford Avenue, Philadelphia, PA 19124GRB
130440321821 E Clementine Street, Philadelphia, PA 19134GRB
130440331831 Nolan Street, Philadelphia, PA 19138GRB
130440341528 N. 27th St., Philadelphia, PA 19121GRB
130440352709 W. Glenwood Ave., Philadelphia, PA 19121GRB
130440362044 E. Fletcher St., Philadelphia PA 19125GRB
130440371503 W. Nedro Ave., Philadelphia, PA 19141GRB
130440386128 Chew Street a/k/a 6128 Chew Avenue, Philadelphia, PA 19138GRB
130440396745 Harley Ave. a/k/a 6745 Harley St., Philadelphia, PA 19142GRB
130440403400 W. Allegheny Avenue, Philadelphia, PA 19132GRB
130440412657 S. Felton Ave., Philadelphia, PA 19142GRB
130440423228 North Front Street, Philadelphia, PA 19140GRB
130440431710 Cambridge Street, Philadelphia, PA 19130GRB
130440441407 N. 29th St., Philadelphia, PA 19121GRB
13044045628 N. 56th St., Philadelphia, PA 19131GRB
130440463116 Levick St., Philadelphia, PA 19149GRB
130440476124 Delancey Street, Philadelphia, PA 19143GRB
1304404835 N 56th Street, Philadelphia, PA 19139GRB
130440495312 Pine Street, Philadelphia, PA 19143GRB
130440501516 North 54th Street, Philadelphia, PA 19131GRB
130440514557 North 18th Street, Philadelphia, PA 19140GRB
13044052131 East Coulter Street, Philadelphia, PA 19144GRB
13044053160 East Tulpehocken Street, Philadelphia, PA 19144GRB
130440544429 North Lawrence Street, Philadelphia, PA 19140GRB
130440555110 Gainor Road, Philadelphia, PA 19131GRB
130440561726 N. Peach Street, Philadelphia, PA 19131GRB
130440572940 Hellerman Street, Philadelphia, PA 19149GRB
130440583720 N. Carlisle Street, Philadelphia, PA 19140GRB
130440596352 Ardleigh Street, Philadelphia, PA 19138GRB
130440602763 N. 25th Street, Philadelphia, PA 19132GRB
130440612237 W. Somerset Street, Philadelphia, PA 19132GRB
13044062148 Fernon Street, Philadelphia, PA 19148GRB
130440634426 N 18th Street, Philadelphia, PA 19140GRB
130440641541 West Loudon Street, Philadelphia, PA 19141GRB
1304406535 Narragansett Street, Philadelphia PA 19144GRB
130440665628 Whitby Avenue, Philadelphia, PA 19143GRB
130440677141 Theodore Street, Philadelphia, PA 19142GRB
130440681323 W. Victoria Street, Philadelphia, PA 19140GRB
130440691725 Tasker Street, Philadelphia, PA 19145GRB
130440701723 Tasker Street, Philadelphia, PA 19145GRB
130440713746 N. 17th Street, Philadelphia, PA 19140GRB
130440722132 N. 32nd Street, Philadelphia, PA 19121GRB
13044073145 Markle Street, Philadelphia, PA 19127GRB
13044074208 W. Widener St. a/k/a 208 Widener St., Philadelphia, PA 19120GRB
130440755923 Summer Street, Philadelphia, PA 19139GRB