Attend a "How to Buy a Property at Sheriff Sale" Seminar

The Office of the Sheriff offers monthly workshops – one conducted in the Spanish language and one in the English language – on How to Buy Property at a Philadelphia Sheriff’s Sale. Subjects covered in both sessions include the amount of money and required documents to secure a winning bid, what is the right of redemption and how that might impact a buyer’s purchase, and why it is important to make a visit to the site before you bid on a property. You can RSVP for an upcoming Seminar below.

The seminars are very popular, and fill up rather quickly. If you cannot attend a live seminar, you can watch a video of the seminar online by clicking here.


How to Buy a Property at Sheriff Sale (English Language Only)


febrero 11, 2014 1:00 pm - 2:30 pm


Office of the Sheriff @ 100 S Broad St, 5th Floor, Philadelphia, PA 19110, USA

How to Buy a Property at Sheriff Sale (English Language Only)
Sheriff Jewell Williams wants to educate potential buyers on the bidding process at a Sheriff’s Sale. This free seminar will provide information on:
  • The amount of money and documents required to secure a winning bid
  • How to pay for the property if you have the highest bid
  • What is the Right of Redemption and how that may impact a sale
  • How long the process will take for the winning bidder to actually receive the deed for the property
  • How to recognize, and research, the type of property you are seeking to purchase
Seating is limited.  Click the "Register" button below to reserve a space for you and your guests at the seminar.

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