Attend a "How to Buy Property at a Sheriff's Sale" Seminar

The Office of the Sheriff offers monthly workshops – one conducted in the Spanish language and two in the English language – on How to Buy Property at a Philadelphia Sheriff’s Sale. Subjects covered in both sessions include the amount of money and required documents to secure a winning bid, what is the right of redemption and how that might impact a buyer’s purchase, and why it is important to make a visit to the site before you bid on a property.

You can RSVP for an upcoming Seminar below but we urge you to only register for one class and we will confirm your online registration with an email.

The seminars are very popular, and fill up rather quickly. If you cannot attend a live seminar, you can watch a video of the seminar online by clicking here.


How to Buy a Property at Sheriff Sale (English Language Only)


julio 08, 2014 1:00 pm


Office of the Sheriff @ 100 S Broad St, 5th Floor, Philadelphia, PA 19110, USA

How to Buy a Property at Sheriff Sale (English Language Only)
Sheriff Jewell Williams wants to educate potential buyers on the bidding process at a Sheriff’s Sale. This free seminar will provide information on:
  • The amount of money and documents required to secure a winning bid
  • How to pay for the property if you have the highest bid
  • What is the Right of Redemption and how that may impact a sale
  • How long the process will take for the winning bidder to actually receive the deed for the property
  • How to recognize, and research, the type of property you are seeking to purchase
Seating is limited.  Click the "Register" button below to reserve a space for you and your guests at the seminar.

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