Introducing the New Philly Sheriff Website

The Office of the Philadelphia Sheriff is proud to launch a redesign of our very popular website. The site hosts on average about 800 visitors every day, with a total of 370,000 unique users since the site was launched in 2013. Users are able to get detailed information about properties sold at Sheriff Sale, sign up for seminars to learn how the Sheriff Sale process works, determine if a deed has been filed on a property, and calculate the legal fees necessary to have a Deputy Sheriff serve a court order. We have even provided a video about how to purchase a property at a Sheriff Sale that has been viewed by almost 17,000 people in the past 18 months.

Responsive Design

Today we are proud to re-launch our website designed in a way to make it even easier for citizens to get the information they are seeking. The site has been redesigned with a responsive format to provide a seamless experience across all devices, making it easier and more fun to explore on a smartphone, tablet or desktop computer.

Comprehensive Search

We have also added a comprehensive search engine to the site to more easily find content throughout the site. The site is offered in English and Spanish (the two most used languages by our users according to online analytics).

New Web App Features

We are excited to add new features to our most popular section of the site: The Sheriff Sale App, which allows users to easily search for information about properties being sold as Sheriff Sale. The new features will allow a user to:

  • Search for properties by zip code or ward
  • View a sale history for each property to see which auctions it has been listed on in the past, and whether it is scheduled to be sold in the future
  • View a list of liabilities owed on the property to get a better understanding of the outstanding obligations due on the property
  • Download even more information as a spreadsheet, including the liabilities, to perform custom analysis
  • More easily use the app on a handheld devise like a tablet or smartphone
  • Keep track of the properties already viewed by changing the color of the pin icon representing each property
  • View additional information about the result of an auction, including the sale date a property has been postponed too

More to Come!

The Office of the Philadelphia Sheriff is committed to providing full transparency by offering as much information as possible online in a way that is easy to access. We look forward to continuing to innovate the way we communicate with the public online.

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