Sheriff Bilal Discussed Police Relations with the Lancaster NAACP Chapter

On July 21, 2020, The NAACP’s Lancaster chapter hosted a webinar that discussed racial bias and police reform.

NAACP LogoSheriff Bilal, a former Philadelphia police officer and member of the National Association of Black Law Enforcement Officers (NABLEO), discussed what she noticed when it comes to police relations with black people. Sheriff Bilal believes that unnecessary prejudice can lead to black individuals being stopped more often by police officers than their white counterparts. The example that she gave was a black man running in the rain, empty handed, would be viewed very negatively by the police. The assumption would be that he is running from the scene of a crime. However, a white main running in the rain with a stolen tv would not prompt the same response from the police officer who happens to be passing by.

As the panel continued, Sheriff Bilal, along with the other panelists, encouraged people to join organizations that will promote reform and positive changes, such as the NAACP. Sheriff Bilal also encouraged those listening to consider a career in law enforcement to enact the change they wish to see within their cities.