The Sheriff's Office, in partnership with the City Council President Darrell Clarke, are committed to distributing gun locks to gun owners in Philadelphia to promote safe firearm containment practices and prevent gun accidents, theft and misuse.

Using a gun lock is easy. Simply remove the loose end of the cable from the padlock and thread it through your unloaded firearm as shown on the included instruction sheet. With the key turned to the farthest clockwise position, insert the loose end of the cable into the padlock. Then turn the key counterclockwise and remove the key. Check that the cable is secure. Your gun is now locked and safe. Make sure you store your key and ammunition someplace away from the gun.

To receive a gun lock, you can either pick one up at the front desk of the Sheriff’s Office on the 5th Floor of 100 S. Broad Street between 8:30 a.m. and 4:30 p.m., or call our hotline number at 215-686-3572. Leave your name, number and address and someone from the Sheriff’s Office will quickly be in touch with you.