Sheriff Rochelle Bilal Joined Joy Reid’s Saturday Morning Show to Discuss the Protests and Supporting Officers Who Have Spoken Out Against Injustice.

On June 27, Sheriff Rochelle Bilal joined Joy Reid on her morning show on MSNBC. The interview comes on the heels of the Minneapolis City Council advancing their plans to dismantle their police department, following the killing of unarmed George Floyd. Sheriff Bilal, who was a Philadelphia police officer for 27 years, spoke on the recent events and gave her thoughts as someone who has been in the community as a police officer.

Sheriff Rochelle Bilal stated that, ”some of these police departments need to be scrapped. You need to look at them and see what they have done in the past and scrap them. All of this is coming out because it needs to come out. These incidents are not new.”

Defund Police

Sheriff Bilal stands with the protestors but also does not want us to forget those officers who have spoken out against the injustice and have had their lives completely ruined due to speaking out. Sheriff Bilal brought up Cariol Horne, a black female police officer in Buffalo who was fired after intervening in a chokehold back in 2008. Sheriff Bilal stated, “if you are about change and don’t support racism, then support those that step up and speak out these issues.”

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